We provide help and support for all who have worked or work in the theatrical profession.

Every year The Royal Theatrical Fund provides support for people of all ages who have worked in the entertainment industry.

They are people in need as a result of illness, accident or old age. The Fund assists by paying monthly allowances, one off grants and shortfalls in nursing and residential home fees.

The Fund dispenses more than money; applicants' needs vary and may not just be financial.

Those living alone welcome a friendly visit, a chance to talk and perhaps to unburden their anxieties. A simple telephone call can help to relieve a sense of isolation. 
The Fund also assists with benefits and debt advice.

The Directors of the Fund are very aware that many people do not find it easy to ask for help. Rest assured that all requests for assistance are dealt with sympathetically and in complete confidence. In addition, one of our main priorities is to help people to stay independent and in their own homes wherever possible.