Who do we help?



The relief of any person in need who has professionally practised or contributed to the theatrical arts (on stage, radio, films or television or any other medium by which such arts may be presented in the future) and the relief of the families or dependants, who are themselves in the need of relief, of such persons or such deceased persons.


Qualification of Recipients

To be eligible to receive a Grant a person must have practised their craft for a minimum of seven years and whose main career is in the entertainment world.


Manner of Assistance

To make grants of money or provide or pay for items, services or facilities which are calculated to alleviate the suffering, assist the recovery or reduce the need, hardship or distress of eligible persons or their families or dependants.

If you need help and you meet the criteria please contact the Secretary on 0207 836 3322 or email admin@trtf.com for an application form.