Providing support to those that are unable to work due to illness, injury or in their twilight years.

David | Stage Director
I can’t believe I’m reading this - thank you so, so much. Thank you to all of you for coming to this decision. It’s greatly appreciated, it will help me pay my overdue EDF bill, Overdue 02 Bill, a Credit Card payment and cover my rent for the month. It’s given me some time, and also slight space from stress. I’m so grateful, thank you so much.
Sally | Actor
I genuinely have no words to thank you! I am beyond grateful for this as it’s completely put my mind at rest with not worrying about where enough money is coming from to cover rent, bills and have enough to buy food and other basic necessities. Thank you ever so much for considering me and granting me this very generous grant, it’s truly appreciated and will help me greatly! Thank you!
Robert Lindsay
President, The Royal Theatrical Fund
Having been President of The Royal Theatrical Fund over the last 11 years, I am proud to have witnessed first-hand how the fund has come to the aid of so many ailing members of what we already knew was an insecure profession. Since our humble beginnings in 1839, the fund has assisted countless individuals and families, bringing hope in the darkest of times. Thank you to everyone that has been part of The Royal Theatrical Fund family. Long will we be here, continuing to support our theatrical profession.