Providing support to those that are unable to work due to illness, injury or in their twilight years.

Charlotte | Actor
I can’t thank you all enough for this.
Genuinely from the bottom of my heart for all our family.
Not only does it mean we can relax in knowing we can keep our little ones safe over next few months but also, we can be excited about welcoming our new little one.
The chance to breath. Thank you so much.

Billy | Assistant Producer
I just wanted to say an absolutely huge thank you for your grant. It is absolutely invaluable for me at the moment, and I am so, so grateful. Not only does it help to cover ongoing physio costs, but it allows me the space to conduct a staggered return to work which I was pretty much out of finances to do.

Robert Lindsay
President, The Royal Theatrical Fund
Having been President of The Royal Theatrical Fund over the last 11 years, I am proud to have witnessed first-hand how the fund has come to the aid of so many ailing members of what we already knew was an insecure profession. Since our humble beginnings in 1839, the fund has assisted countless individuals and families, bringing hope in the darkest of times. Thank you to everyone that has been part of The Royal Theatrical Fund family. Long will we be here, continuing to support our theatrical profession.